The short term rental autopilot app

Stop wasting your time, give bnbflow a ride.

What is it?

bnbflow is an online tool to efficiently manage short term rentals, like airbnb bookings. Power hosts, hotels, and bnb managers use it a lot; it saves them time, and keeps them organized.

What it does

bnbflow makes rentals management easier in a lot of ways, here are a few key features.

Collect Guest Info

Bnbflow collects your guest’s travel details and contact information automatically. It updates corresponding reservations automatically, and notifies you when it’s done.

Set a Process & Track Progress

To efficiently manage reservations it is better to adopt a good procedure. Bnbflow comes with a default process, you can personalize it to your needs and track progress on all your reservations.

Better Email

As hosts we are sending the same emails over and over. Bnbflow allows you to create beautiful email templates, and send it in one click. No copy & paste, no contact search. One click, that’s it.

Share Reservation Info

You might work with a cleaning lady, a property manager, or a friend helping you out. We make it easy to share the most up to date info and keep everybody on the same page.

How much does it cost?

We have a very simple pricing model.


$9 / active listing / month

  • Free 30 Days Trial
  • No Credit Card Required for Trial
  • All Features Included
  • Unlimited Users

More than 10 listings?Contact us, we offer competitive discounts.

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